2019 Rock and Roll HOF Induction Ceremony on HBO

Discussion in 'Television' started by DYohn, Apr 28, 2019.

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    R&RHOF inductions are always both fun and disappointing, here's my impressions.
    1) Stevie Nicks got 30 minutes to perform and talk? Why? She sucks. Don Henley and Harry Stiles as guests? Again, WTF? Thank goodness I recorded and could use the FF button. My wife said it's a good thing she had her cocaine-destroyed nose rebuilt since she needs it to sing through.
    2) Janet Jackson should have performed, and not talked... and WTF with the recycled Donna Summer wig?
    3) As much as I think The Cure belong in the HOF, Robert Smith has become a parody of himself and should not have screamed, err, performed. Trent Reznor was a curious person to induct them, but did a great job.
    4) Roxy Music and the Zombies, both finally voted in as they should be, and both killed showing how old guys can still do it.
    5) Radio Head. Never liked them, still don't. Glad they were too arrogant to perform.
    6) Def Leppard, inducted for their commercial selling power more than their music, boring performance as always, and as much as I loved seeing Ian Hunter close the show what did he have to do with Def Leppard? An inspiration to them perhaps? Was playing "All The Young Dudes" supposed to be ironic?
    7) Little Steven was on stage as usual at the end, but where was his "singles" induction bit? I like that. At least Springsteen was not there.
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    David Yohn, doesn't sugar coat it ...

    I have not seen any of these awards shows for a variety of reasons.
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