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    Got one of these bad boys a few weeks ago, in black.

    Bose 700 Smart Noise-Cancelling Headphones

    I recollect some other threads here advocating the competing Sony over-the-ear product, whichever one it was. And I'm sure that is a fine product also. In my case, the highest priority was not high fidelity audio, although I think they are serviceable in that regard. I wanted noise cancellation and call quality, and the product reviews all suggested that Bose was the better product for those use cases. Can't say if that's true, but I am very pleased with them.

    We have an open office and I can't decide which is the lesser evil, the space or the inconsiderate people occupying it. But I throw on these bad boys with noise cancellation at the highest level and some of the heaviest metal that can be mustered, and I'm 10x productive vs. without. They have ~19 hours of battery life so that's also better than using my AirPods, which have just a few hours before requiring a re-juice. Although honestly that was never the biggest problem because I have enough meetings or other things to break the day that I could always keep them charged. They're also very stylish and not so bulky so I look less like a ham radio operator in the office despite wearing them often.

    Also I got these at a rare discount, and on Amazon with my Prime card, so I chose to spread the cost out over 12 months interest-free, no strings attached. The one complaint I have is the Bose app is a bit frustrating. It doesn't seem to want to pair with the headphones. The upshot is I don't have a lot of need for it (it handles settings), I can just pair via the usual Bluetooth settings on whichever device, and that seems to work just fine.

    Overall--very happy.
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    At the end of last year I finished a project converting the cubicle world of our corporate HQ in California into a modified open-office concept. Needless to say everyone hates it and we have already lost three good people over it. I tried to tell the SVP who drove this initiative that we are not Google in the 1990's we are an engineering and customer service company, but he was in love with whatever book he had just read telling him that it would increase productivity.

    The proliferation of noise-cancelling headphones is now on the rise, and people talk to each other less than before.

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