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    One Free Pack and one Bonus Pack (800 MS Points) are soon to hit Marketplace.

    Lots and lots of things have been added. Can't wait to pick these up and dive back into the world of Pacific City.

    Here is a sample of some of my favorite things being added:

    Reset Gangs: In place of the current option to reset the city?s crime (unlocked by defeating all 21 bosses), the gangs can now be completely reset in the main campaign.

    Easier Orb Hunting: Imagine how great it would be if when searching for the last remaining hidden agility orbs the audio range on each of them got wider as fewer remained; well imagine no longer. Audio ?ping? range is now gradually increased when searching for the last 50 percent of hidden orbs, and 20 percent of agility orbs.

    Ground Strike: Available to a four star strength agent only, it is now possible to slam downwards while airborne by holding the attack button. The resulting strike is deadly to anything it hits, with an additional shockwave stunning nearby enemies.

    Improved firing over low walls: Agents can now fire downwards at a greater angle while taking partial cover behind a low wall.

    Lots more HERE

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