Ever subscribe to something and forget about it?

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    Many years ago I subscribed to an Internet radio service called Sky.FM . I paid for the premium service, which delivered a variety of music in 320Kbps commercial free and sounded pretty good over the web. Over the years I stopped listening to it and forgot about it.

    Today I got an email from something called Radio Tunes that they tried to renew my 2-year subscription but the card they had on file was invalid. What is this, I asked myself. Turns out it's Sky.FM, which I have not used in at least two years, under a new name. I had completely forgotten about them.

    So, I checked out the offerings through Radio Tunes, liked what I saw, and renewed with a current credit card. Listening to their Jazz-Hop station now, which is quite good.

    Jazz-Hop Supreme - Playlist | DI.FM
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    Never subscribed but had signed on to a VOIP service, ekiga many years ago. Never managed to get it to work and forgot all about it,recently found the paper with my user name and password while cleaning out my desk. It still doesn't work right.

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