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    I popped into Fry's today while I was out doing other things and had 1/2 hour with no kids. Been shopping for a monitor stand with some USB connectivity.

    Everything about the place just seemed like I was walking through the past, right down to Pat Benatar and the rest of the 80s/90s soundtrack. As I walked around the dimly lit aisles, many were poorly stocked and dusty. Beyond that, they hadn't bothered to clean up from business the day before, so when there was stock, much of it was still scattered about from yesterday's shoppers. A big placard on the endcap in the gaming section announced the impending release of Days Gone By -- coming April 2019. The coffee shop in the center wasn't open. No employee greeted me, or perhaps even made eye contact with a polite nod, the entire time I was there.

    I remember when this place was bustling, and it seems not so long ago although I can't place the dates. It's not lost on me that I'm a part of the current state. I shop online all the time. A lot of the little things Fry's sells, things that I would consider electronic commodities, are easier to acquire, with more choice and abundance, online. Unfortunately for Fry's and other retailers, it's a better experience and so I choose it repeatedly. Still, I was saddened. My guess is this store location, and perhaps Fry's as a retailer, won't last long.
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    Yes - it's sad. Fewer choices for consumers and like everything else there are dealers left, some of which are good and some of which are not. With fewer dealers, to me it feels like there are more bad ones left than many moons ago. I tend to buy brands at this point that are sold consumer direct.

    Fry's Electronics stores soon to close, seeing same fate as Toys'R'Us?
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    I was hoping it was different at different stores. Fry's has always been a silicon valley cornerstone. Huge stores stocked full of nerd goodies and polished to a fine luster. Not to mention each had a "theme"; San Jose was Mayan, Palo Alto was gold rush and Fremont was high voltage with a huge operating (gone now) Tesla coil. The checkout lines looked like a vegas hotel, solid stone with 30 tellers.

    Fremont was empty the last 2 times I went. Shelves were bare and customers sparse. One checker working. Barren.

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