More Perfect (a SCOTUS podcast from Radiolab)

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    Radiolab's More Perfect is a series about the Supreme Court. More Perfect explores how cases deliberated inside the rarefied world of the Supreme Court affect our lives far away from the bench. Produced by WNYC Studios, home of other great podcasts such as Death, Sex & Money, Freakonomics Radio, On the Media, and Here’s the Thing.

    This is another relatively new podcast. Only 21 episodes and a few of those were old Radiolab episodes that were re-run verbatim on the new podcast. I think a couple of the Radiolab folks just really fell in love with the SCOTUS podcasts on Radiolab and decided to do a spinoff.

    I really like the Citizens United and The Architect episodes.

    I've always loved Radiolab's production values and style. This podcast fits the same mold.

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