My best Dolby Atmos experience came from a Video Game

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    I downloaded the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta this weekend and played it for a couple of hours, well actually Saturday and Sunday. Overall, for a beta, I was quite impressed with the game as a whole. The only real issue I was having was with the Spawns, especially in Ground War, but again, its a beta.

    Ground War allowed for 32v32 game play, and if you're familiar with Battlefield, then you're in for a treat. The game play was smooth, no lagging or playback issues at all.

    The most stunning aspect of the game was its use of Dolby Atmos speakers. Many of us already know that In-Wall ceiling speakers are much more effective when listening to objects overhead. However, with my 4 upfiring speakers, the game was able to produce the same effect. Specifically with Ground War to its Chaotic nature, Cruise Missles, Helicoptor Gunships, and planes flying overhead were very convincing. There was a very smooth transition from one speaker to the next.

    With some movies with Dolby Atmos, I find myself constantly playing around with my Atmos speaker levels, and would just concede and just say to myself, "well these aren't in-wall speakers". If I get the audio right for one movie, I have to adjust for another.

    This Beta told me otherwise. I did not have the volume of my system very high, but it was high enough to be immersed into the actual battle field. My Sub got a workout as well, especially with explosions that were close by. Overall the Sound Design of the game is the selling point to me.

    For a casual gamer, I enjoyed the beta very much, quite the contrary of the "Youtuber" community, in which some of those members need to adapt, and are no longer able to achieve 35 to 2 games.

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