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Discussion in 'Home Theater and Stereo' started by hgroff, May 10, 2007.

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    Shane your always so good at this so I nominate you, but everyone else feel free to help add to the list!

    first: all recievers brands and models, that are HDMI 1.3

    second: all pre amps brands and models, that are HDMI 1.3

    third: Which HD players (either HD - DVD or Blue Ray) that are HDMI 1.3... Are all of them 1.3????

    forth: Which Projector brands and model are 1080P
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    First receivers...

    Easy there are some of the lower end Onkyo's on the market but Denon, Onkyo , Pioneer, Sherwood have all had press releases with release dates mostly in late jun through sept.

    None but don't be surprised if Outlaw has one out by next jan as well as a few others.

    HD players... I believe the latest two Toshiba players have 1.3 but am not sure and the PS3 is 1.3 I think there might be others and Pioneers has announced a new one that is sure to be 1.3.

    Lots of 1080P projectors you have the Sony Pearl at around $5k, the JVC RS1 at around $6.5K and several LCD models out lingering between $2-3.5K from Mits, Panasonic, Epson and others.


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