Running multiple instances of Firefly Media Server

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    I would think HIGHLY PC literate people will say "no duh" to this but I discovered something very useful this week. If you have a ROKU and use Firefly, you can run multiple instances of it on the same PC. People do it subdivide their collection between Classical Music and modern music or for any other reason. I don't want my MP3s mingled with my lossless files but SOMETIMES I might like to listen to an MP3 on my stereo.

    What you do is install Firefly and get it running. Then simply make a copy of the directory (inside program files) and call it Firefly Media Server 2 or Firefly Media Server MP3s or whatever. Then you simply use the sc (service controller) from a command prompt and register the service. Mine looked something like this...

    sc create "Firefly Lossy Library" binPath= "C:\Program Files\Firefly Media Server Lossy\firefly.exe" start= auto
    The part in "" will be the NAME of the service in Windows and the binPath is where the exe is. start=auto means it will start when windows starts.

    From there what you need to do is get into the Firefly config file and edit it. Your new service will need to run on a different port (I use 9998 since 9999 is the default). You will also need to change the server name because otherwise it will have the same name as your first "library" when you go to your ROKU. And, you'll need to update db_parms = because that tells it where the library database is (what songs its scanned and found). It will be the new directory you made when you copied the old one.

    That's pretty much it.
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    <waiting for Drew to pop in to say "No Duh" or "Meh">


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