Rush Clockwork Angels on Blu-Ray

Discussion in 'Music' started by GHilinski, Mar 11, 2015.

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    Just arrived today so I took it for a spin. It has its plusses and minuses. On the good side, the video is amazing for a live show. You can see the "Custom Shop" logo on the headstock of Geddys base very clearly. They also focused on tight stage shots to show the band clowning around and just having a blast playing live. At least that is the vibe you get. The audio is in Master Audio 5.1 which really sounds amazing although I have yet to really crank it up. Between the tight shots and the great audio, it is fun to see the guys playing and being able to hear the Targus petal triggers. Finally, the string session they used for the second set was awesome. Totally hit the mark.

    On the down side, having seen the Clockwork Angels tour live, the focus on the players does detract from an amazing video and light show a bit. A small downside for a great rock show recorders live in Dallas.

    Strongly recommended for any Rush fan.

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