Samsung 4k & new Sony 4k TV.

Discussion in 'Home Theater and Stereo' started by Shane, Sep 30, 2013.

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    This past weekend, I had a chance to view the new Samsung 4k Ultra HD TV along with the new Sony 4kTV.

    New Sony 4k TV you say? Yes, it's the same as the existing set only $500 cheaper and sans speakers. They made it because (no surprise), customers reacted negatively towards the current 4k sets due to the "wings" aka speakers. So $3,500 (55") and $4,999 for the 65" are the prices. Same features sans the 65WPC speakers. The new sets have 10WPC speakers.

    Sony's website states their XBR 4k sets are HDMI 2.0 compliant.

    Model #'s are:
    [h=3]XBR-65X850A & XBR-55X850A[/h]
    That being said, I had a chance to view the competition, the Samsung Ultra HD F9000 series set. MSRP for the 55" is $3499. The 65 is $4999.

    As far as I could see, the only feature difference is the Sony is passive 3d and the Samsung is active 3d. I can't confirm with HDMI version Samsung is running and the Sony claim of 2.0 seems interesting. Both (Samsung and Sony) are Edge Lit Local Dimming Sets. The only negative is the Samsung does not yet have a 4k native playback device like Sony. The sales rep stated the Samsung TV and Sony box won't play nice together (go figure).

    Overall, they both look fantastic. The 65x850 could be in my future. I may wait until after CES to see what else is coming.
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    Sixty five watts / ch. Right. Outta them massive 3 inchers.

    Amazing. Thing has more power than my Cambridge - :)
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    I am waiting for the 4k OLED that Samsung has already demo'ed in a 85" version. BTW I heard on NHK TV their first test broadcast of 8K OTA was successful. They mentioned a target implementation date can't recall it now.

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