Show Me the Meaning (movie podcast from Wisecrack)

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    Wisecrack is a YouTube channel that does some pretty deep dives into the themes of movies and TV shows. The company has recently moved into podcasts and I really enjoy Show Me the Meaning and The Squanch (I've started a separate thread on that show).

    Show Me the Meaning is a relatively new podcast and the crew is still settling in. I think they've changed out a few of the early co-hosts permanently at this point but we'll see. The hosts have legitimate backgrounds in film studies, philosophy and even theology and bring a really academic, philosophical approach to topics without (IMO) being pretentious.

    They've covered some of my favorite movies in their current ~20 episodes including Wolf of Wallstreet, Get Out, Gattaca, The Increidbles, and Inception.

    Show Me The Meaning! – A Wisecrack Movie Podcast by Wisecrack on Apple Podcasts

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