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    Not sure if anyone else going to participate but I mentioned a 365 (movie a day) challenge I saw on Reddit and several members blanched at the commitment. But I thought I'd try a movie log thread. One post per member to be edited as you watch movies. Not a full review maybe one comment or a star rating to keep to one line per film. For mine, I'm going to keep a plus or minus vs. the 365 just for fun.
    1. Baywatch - Meh, funny, recycled plot.
    2. Sicario - Really good but disturbing.
    3. The Artist - Enjoyed immensely.
    4. The Post - Liked this one but it drug a bit, still worth a viewing for sure.
    5. The Imitation Game - Another that I'm only finally getting too. Really enjoyed it.
    6. The Giver - A rewatch. Older two kids wanted to see. Just OK. Imagine the book is better.
    7. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Rewatch for me but I'm going through the series with my 11 year old.
    8. A Hologram for the King - I liked this one. As I get older I think these "transition in life" stories appeal more to me.
    9. We Own the Night - Mafia drug ring cop drama set in the late 80s. Pretty dang good.
    10. Leap! - Bad... pretty good art design but the animation is sub-par, the story is kludgy, the dialog is terribly written. I feel like it had potential that was wasted.
    11. The Book Thief - Mixed feelings. Great performances and a heart-wrenching setting and plot but something felt off... trite. Just OK.
    12. Up in the Air - If you've ever wondered what your life would be like if you'd poured everything into professional success, watch this film. I really liked it.
    13. Transformers: The Last Knight - One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Not even worth the SFX and boom sounds. Terrible.
    14. Atomic Blonde - I thought it was pretty good. The ending props up the rest of the movie. I'll say no more.
    15. Atonement - Another movie I bought after awards season and never got around to. As such, I had no idea what I was really getting into. Good film. Not one to rewatch, but good.
    16. Blade Runner: 2049 - Really good. Enjoyed the heck out of this one!
    17. The Apple Dumpling Gang - Rewatch. My parents were over to celebrate Dad's birthday and my mom has been wanting to watch this. A lesser Disney classic but a family favorite.
    18. Groundhog Day - One of the best movies ever. Surprisingly deep and I'm not being pretentious or hipster when I say that.
    19. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - Pretty good. I wanted to like this one more than I did. The story seemed OK but it felt miscast and the dialog was clunky and wasn't used well to move the story forward. I could see it growing on me though now that I know the story.
    20. Wonder - Rewatch with the family. Great heartwarming film. I really like this movie.
    21. Okja - Finally got around to watching this Netflix original by Bong Joon Ho. A bit interesting in plot and ending. Would be interested in discussing if anyone else has seen it.
    22. The Big Short - I had a pretty good understanding of what led up to the global financial crisis given my line of work. Regardless, this was a great movie and I feel like it would be a pretty accessible way for those who don't know what happened to learn.
    23. Hook - Rewatch. I'm always disappointed when I'm reminded how poorly this film did critically. It's not perfect but I think it is far better than the 29% RT score. Not surprisingly it scores a significantly better 76% audience rating.
    24. Grease - Rewatch obviously. Took the kids to one of the historic theaters that shows older movies. Kind of forgot it was PG-13 (not that that's an issue in our house) and I'm glad some of the content likely went over even my oldest's head. I didn't notice an obvious reaction when Rizzo asks "What do you think this is, a gang bang?"
    25. Hunger Games - Rewatch with my middle child. This movie reminds that the series started off pretty strong.
    26. Black Panther - Finally got around to seeing this while still in theaters. Really enjoyed it.
    27. Coco - What a wonderful movie. Loved the story and characters. The visuals and music are a great way to show off a well put together system. Not T-Rex demo - a different kind of showing off a good system.
    28. A Wrinkle in Time - I never read the book so I didn't have a huge nostalgic attachment to the story. I thought it was so-so. Really basic plot and seemed like the writers got lost long the way.
    29. Hunger Games Catching Fire - Continuing watching with my middle daughter. Not as good as the first film but still pretty solid.
    30. Hunger Games Mocking Jay Pt. 1 - More of the same.
    31. Ready Player One - I really love the book so it was going to be hard for the movie to live up to that. There was a time during production when this looked like a disaster but luckily it wasn't. A little too frenetic in places for me but I still really liked it. (added 3.31.18)
    32. The Dark Tower - Better than I expected given the negative reviews but still a bit lacking. Great PQ and sound effects. (added 4.4.18)
    33. The Hitman’s Bodyguard - Great action comedy that hit the spot for me. Loads of chases and fight sequences. (added 4.4.18)
    34. The Space Between Us - This did not deserve the 16% Rotten Tomatoes score it got. It is pure manipulative cheese but I would put it on par with Everything, Everything and that got a 46%. So, not a great movie either way but I watched it with my wife and middle daughter and everyone enjoyed it. Tweens are probably the target market. My kid gave it 8/10. (added 4.15.18)
    35. A Quiet Place - Good, highly recommended. Perfect balance of tension and scary. See my comments in the threat for the film. (added 4.14.18)
    36. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - Really great action/adventure comedy. Highly recommended (added 4.21.18)
    37. Thor: Ragnarok - Another solid entry from Marvel but not top of the heap. Some good humor but sometimes a bit too much irreverence (don't try to be Deadpool) (added 4.21.18)
    38. Justice League - Good action and sound but a bit messy from a tonal perspective. More Gal Gadot is always good though. (added 4.21.18)
    39. Logan Lucky - I like a good heist movie and this is a good heist movie. Highly recommended. (added 4.21.18)
    40. Killer Joe - This film is disturbing but riveting. If summary I wrote on the forum doesn't turn you away, give it a shot. (added 4.29.18)
    41. Blockers - Meh. My wife and I both agreed on that. We did find ourselves laughing uncontrollably multiple times but it feels like a string of immature jokes rather than a movie with a plot. Not as good as its forefathers such as American Pie and the original Hangover movie. (added 4.29.18)
    42. The Lobster - I really enjoyed this one, apparently more than most but I thought it was brilliantly done.
    43. Avengers: Infinity War - Top 5 Marvel and I like these films.
    44. The Breakfast Club - Total Classic, re-watch with my middle daughter. Definitely pushing the boundaries with this one but she enjoyed it. (added 5.18.18)
    45. Colossal - Fantastic, highly recommended.
    46. Enemy - Weird. If you like weird, its good, but its weird.
    47. Sully - Waited too long to see this but it was still good. I remember hearing that they portrayed the NTSB a little too harshly and that the investigation was done by the book. There may have been initial questions about the actions taken but it was not as accusatory and protracted as the film dramatized it.
    48. Father of the Bride - This was one of my sister's favorite movies as a kid. I watched it with my daughters. They enjoyed it but it really didn't hold up for me. I don't love films where it seem like everyone is unnecessarily ganging up on one character. Its one of the reasons I don't like the Meet the Fockers films.
    49. Deadpool 2 - I really think this one is as good as the first. Really enjoyed it.
    50. Passengers - REALLY liked this film. Way more than the review consensus. Some people need to remove a stick from their ass and enjoy a film.
    51. Downsizing - This movie was a victim of public expectation. Everyone thought it was going to be a superficial comedy. It's not. Its much more of an examination of life's journey and life choices, like most Alexander Payne films.
    52. Now You See me 2 - OMG, I knew this was going to be bad but the original was kind of a guilty pleasure film for my wife and I. Pass on this. Truly stupid. You will be dumber for having seen it.
    53. All the Money in the World - This movie could have been titled "The Biggest Dick in the World, and Not the Way You Think". Not sure how true to life it is but we were googling certain things during the film and it seemed a lot of it was at least superficially correct e.g. the fact that he loaned the ransom money instead of giving it. WOW, what a dick. (added 6.4.18)
    54. Tomb Raider - Hard meh... just... meh.
    55. Training Day (rewatched) - This came up on a podcast recently and I had to rewatch it. It holds up really well!
    56. Darkest Hour - I watched this with my extended family as my parents and sister were over. We all really enjoyed it and I thought Oldman's performance was out of this world.
    57. Any Given Sunday - This was a rewatch but I haven't seen this movie since it originally released on DVD. On the one hand, many elements don't hold up well to time, on the other, some of the injury and especially concussion awareness talk of the movie is borderline progressive. Some odd, by typical Stone-esque editing in the movie probably age the worst.
    58. The Lost City of Z - This film reminds me of a 2-part A&E mini-series that was all the buzz back in the early forum days called Longitude. Longitude starred Jeremy Irons and was a tale of obsession and frustration at being somewhat intentionally foiled in your life's work that had you screaming your frustration at the screen. Lost City of Z felt like a slower (even though it was shorter) less well executed version of that story.
    59. Annihilation - I had mixed feelings about this film. This might be the dark, sci-fi thriller version of Avatar, where the visuals outpace the story. The story here is not as offensive as the "white savior" motif of Avatar but it didn't hold up for me. The world building and visuals however, were pretty stunning.
    60. Harry potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Multiple time rewatch for me. My youngest is now getting into HP. This might be the last one we watch for a while as I think they're getting too intense for her. The same happened with my middle child where we had to take a break and wait on the latter films.
    61. Ocean's Eleven (2001) - Probably third or fourth rewatch. This is another film that came up on The Rewatchables podcast that we thought our kids might be old enough to enjoy. Everyone liked it.
    62. Red Sparrow - I posted about this in the dedicated thread. Gratuitous nudity and ultra-violence and the plot was just OK. It wasn't a bad film, just OK.
    63. Kingsman: The Golden Circle - I like the Kingsman films. If you haven't seen them watch a trailer. If the fight scenes look fun, watch these films. If they look irritating and stupid, you'll hat them. I like them.
    64. Die Hard - Nth rewatch. Have been trying to squeeze this in at Christmas for the last 4-5 years but it never works out with all the kids around. One of my most rewatchable films.
    65. Mr. Nobody - This is a bit of bizarre sci-fi movie with shades of The Butterfly Effect. I won't spoil it but I suspect many here will never watch it and fewer would enjoy it. That said, if you like a bit of hard sci-fi and weirdness and can tolerate ambiguity throughout nearly an entire film with very little resolution and you just want to watch something that isn't mainstream Hollywood, I highly recommend this one. But it will be a challenge.
    66. The Foreigner - This is a great off-the-beaten path action film of the "Taken" ilk. I love Jackie Chan, even more so as he gets older. He is just great to watch in this otherwise unremarkable film. Solid B.
    67. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi - This is a 70s TV short that I used to watch as a kid. It was fun and nostalgic rewatching it. It was universally panned by my children.
    68. John Wick - Another re-watch. I was just in the mood for a hard action film a couple weekends ago and this one did it. They don't make many action/fight choreography movies like these films. Keanu is one of a couple actors willing to put in the work to make a movie like this that involves actual physical choreography.
    69. Ready Player One - I mentioned in the main thread on this film, I enjoyed this much more on the rewatch than the original time seeing it in theaters. My expectations of what the characters would look like in-game were subverted and the book and all the plot points left out were too fresh in my mind. Knowing what it was on the rewatch made it much more enjoyable.
    70. Murder on the Orient Express - I wanted this to be better than it was. It wasn't terrible, it just wasn't good. The visuals of the train and mountain pass were stunning and the all-star cast was fun but it just never got there :(
    71. Jack Reacher - Never Go back - Basic government coverup thriller. Just OK.
    72. Edge of Tomorrow - A rewatch, maybe the 3rd time. I really really like this film. Its like Groundhog Day meets Starship Troupers.
    73. Safety Not Guaranteed - I really enjoyed this quirky 2012 indie. This movie is really about people, and relationships, and the past... thinking about what might have been and lost chances. Its bittersweet and really well done on a shoestring budget.
    74. Southpaw - This was a fairly generic boxing film and the ending was one of the stupidest uses of boxing gotcha's ever implemented. Not only was the twist unoriginal but this was the worst execution of it I've ever seen. (added 8.13.18) - Nearly 20 movies added since 6.4.18
    75. Avengers: Infinity War - Rewatch first time at home since seeing in theaters. I REALLY love this movie. So good.
    76. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Basically the same comment as Avengers.
    77. Deadpool 2 - Basically the same comment. Love this film.
    78. Rampage - WAY WAY better than I expected. This film benefited from low expectations, a gregarious lead who I really like and would love to meet in person some day, and a large FX budget that was well used. Plot? We don't need no stinking plot.
    79. The Equalizer - This one slipped buy me originally. Its a really well done reluctant retired badass pulled back into a world he wanted to be done with. Denzel is great as always.
    80. Taken - Rewatch. Didn't hold up quite as well as I expected.
    81. Rounders - Rewatch. Still a fun movie but there are a number of elements of this film that don't age well. The writing of the girlfriend character is god awful. I also think as I've gotten older the character of Worm just doesn't work for me. I'd beat the shit out of that guy and dump him, long history or not.
    82. Bad Samaritan - This had low ratings but I was intrigued enough to watch it. It is really a shame because with changing like 5 things this movie could have been a unique, tight thriller but some plot elements were completely screwed up to the point of really almost ruining the movie.
    83. Assassin's Creed - Jesus Christ, why did I watch this? Well, I watched it because I like the games but god this is a turd. The plot has wild inconsistencies and there are ZERO logical motivations driving key events in the "story". I have no problem suspending disbelief around a core element of this film like inserting someone into their ancestor's memories but people still need to behave like people. So poorly written. The only redeeming quality of this film is the hysterical laugh you will get at the end when you realize they clearly thought there was going to be a sequel. (Added 75-83 on 9/14).
    84. Hancock - This was a rewatch for me. Not sure what triggered it. I may have heard it come up in a podcast or something. It was actually very rewatchable and I had forgotten some of the plot so it was kind of enjoyable to see it again.
    85. Oceans 8 - This was pretty good. Hard to make the 4th movie in a franchise but in this case I think the full reboot and female cast actually helped. I liked it as did my wife.
    86. Equals - I put up a separate thread of this with the trailer and my impressions. I get why this movie didn't do better but I really liked it.
    87. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - I want to say this was a big disappointment but I expected this to be bad. It was.
    88. The Iron Giant - Probably approaching the 10th rewatch of one of the best family films ever made. If you haven't seen this, you should.
    89. Book Club - I watched this one with my wife. I REALLY liked it. Great cast and a lot of fun.
    90. Solo - I had super low expectations after hearing that this movie was so bad that Disney had to reassess their entire release timeline of their Star Wars movie franchise, including indefinitely delaying the Kanobi movie. With that said, this movie wasn't THAT bad. The problem is it felt generic. It felt like they picked up a heist movie script and put Star Wars characters in it. I get why it bombed but its still OK.
    91. Upgrade - I mentioned this movie on the forum in a separate thread as well. I really liked this one a lot. Highly recommended.
    92. The Nightmare Before Christmas - Another classic rewatch movie. Is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Yes. My middle and youngest especially like this one.
    93. Clue - This one is family cult classic. My parents had the VHS and we used to watch it as a family and now we watch it with my kids. I just love this movie.
    94. Young Frankenstein - I'd only ever seen this movie once and I bought it when Gene Wilder died which was in August 2016. I just got around to watching it. I have to say because I didn't rewatch this film over and over again as a kid it was almost like seeing it for the first time. Its a bit bizarre. A little slow and wildly inappropriate by today's standards.
    95. Adaptation - I'll add comments to the rest later.
    96. Won't You Be My Neighbor
    97. Ant Man and the Wasp
    98. Rocky Horror Picture Show
    99. A Ghost Story
    100. Hereditary
    101. Fantastic Beasts 2
    102. Wreck it Ralph 2
    103. The Holiday
    104. Sky Scraper
    105. Borg vs. McEnroe
    106. Network
    107. Bad Santa
    108. Home Alone
    109. I think we're Alone Now (added 11.29.18)
    110. Smallfoot
    111. Christopher Robin
    112. It's a Wonderful Life
    113. Venom
    114. Con Air
    115. Pitch Perfect
    116. Pitch Perfect 2
    117. Pitch Perfect 3
    118. Mary Poppins Returns
    119. Edward Scissorhands (added 1.4.19 to finish year)
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    It's only been two weeks, and I already have problems recalling what I've seen, but here goes:

    1. Cars 3 - gift from my daughter, who works for Disney. Decent, but missable
    2. Pearl Harbor - hadn't seen it since it came out, better than I remembered, but still a Bay/Bruckenheimer movie
    3. Spy Game - much better than I remembered, recommended, grows with a rewatch
    4. Intolerable Cruelty - Cohens, Clooney, Catharina Z, what can go wrong?
    5. Alien Covenant - Second viewing, better than Prometheus, whatever that means.
    6. Indiana Jones and the last crusade - classic
    7. Star Wars Rouge One - good, but not TLJ (which I seem to be alone in liking)
    8. Shine A Light - late dinner Friday night, gf didn't want a movie, so I picked this, better than I remembered, Scorsese, Stones, hell, the Buddy Guy scene alone is worth it.
    9. The Force Awakens - getting better with each viewing, can't wait to see TLJ at home, love Rey.
    10. A History of Violence - Cronenburg, hadn't seen this for a long time, Viggo, Ed Harris, very atmospheric, nice camerawork, interesting story, holds up well after almost 15 years.
    11. Atomic Blonde - second viewing, and did it grow, wow. Charlize as ever is great, but I didn't quite realize it was based on a comic the first time, but now it all makes sense, and the cinematography is just great, as is the acting. I lived thru the fall of the wall, and this is like being there, from a distance, watching it. Great, underrated. And Charlize, wow ...
    12. Four Weddings and a funeral - great casting, fantastic writing, superb dialogue, still wonderful. Followed by:
    13. U2 - I & E live in Paris, probably their best tour since Zoo TV
    14. Never wipe tears without gloves, Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar (TV Mini-Series 2012) - IMDb, 3-hour miniseries about the AIDS plague in Stockholm in the 80s, the time I grew up. Very strong, and highly recommended.
    15. Trafic - still holds up, long, with many story lines, excellent acting by Douglas, Zeta Jones and the rest of the cast
    16. Kingsman the Golden cirlce - I liked the first one, but this was like Men In Black II, what a waste of money and talent. Good God, how this got funded is beyond me.
    17. Syriana - still great
    18. A Good Day To Die Hard - better than I remembered, which isn't really saying much.
    19. Ghost Writer - suspenseful and interesting, good actors.
    20. American Gangster - extended edition, of course. Even better than I remembered, brilliant cinematography.
    21. Blade Runner, the final cut, always great, in anticipation of tomorrow's ...
    22. Blade Runner 2049 - which I originally thought was the world's worst and most unwanted sequel, but turned out to be great.
    23. The Departed - I prefer Infernal Affairs, but there are some pretty good actors in this one. Great atmosphere.
    24. It might get loud - interesting documentary on Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.
    25. The Scorcerer's apprentice - Disney family entertainment, but pretty charming.
    26. Gone Baby Gone - Almost as good as Mystic River, but even darker, if possible. Great acting and directing, but it leaves you feeling miserable.
    27. Fargo - hadn't seen this since it came out, but wanted to revisit before starting on the series.
    28. Good Kill - good, as Niccol always is, but depressing.
    29. The World Is Not Enough - Dr Christmas Jones may be the worst Bond girl ever, but the boat chase on the Thames is great.
    30. Farinelli Il Castrato - hadn't seen this for many years, still great.
    31. Our Kind of Traitor - really great, but apparently not so much so on the first watch as I saw it on sale on my fav online dealer and placed an order, only to come home and see it on my shelf, so obviously I'd bought and watched it earlier, but forgot ... but I cancelled my order, and rewatched my copy, and it was great.
    32. The first two episodes of The Persuaders, hasn't really aged so good, but lovely locations, and brings back childhoos memories. Oh, those clothes.
    33. Thelma and Louise - still great, acting, cinematography, all is great in this.
    34. Trainspotting + Transpotting 2 - Wow! How could I have missed this? What a powerful combo to see back to back, quite intense.
    35. Enemy of the state - it's Bruckenheimer, and Tony Scott, but boy, was this movie ahead of its time. It's also Gene Hackman, a legend.
    36. The Village - even better than I remembered, almost as good as Unbreakable.
    37. Titanic - it's that time of the year. It is still great. Wow, what filmmaking.
    38. Gone Girl - fantastic, interesrting story, well acted
    39. The Judge - I don't understand the hate, Downey and Duvall are great, as is Vera Farmiga (always), the plot is good, the story unfolds slowly, and is well shot, what's not to like?
    40. The Island - Ewan and Scarlett, and Steve Buscemi, not bad.
    41. Skyfall - really good until they actually reach Syfall, when it gets a bit long. Beautifully shot.
    42. Avicii: True Stories - documentary on Tim Bergling
    43. A Most Wanted Man - Le Carré, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Anton Corbijn, great.
    44. The Last Jedi - I like this a lot, the perfect end to Luke. Also the long making-of on the blu, quite interesting.
    45. Dazed and Confused - even greater than I remembered, although I was the class of '79, in a much smaller town, it brings back memories.
    46. Coco - pretty sweet, and I loved the dog, but ultimately not as great as Inside Out, although gorgeous colors and animation.
    47. Munich (or München, as it's called on my cover) - still as powerful, still think it's one of his very best
    48. Almost Famous, 'untitled' bootleg cut - still holds up, great music, of course, and some great acting as well. Having just read the Jann Wenner bio adds to it.
    49. 2001, A Space Oddysey - still as great as ever. Just reading Benson's book, recommended.
    50. Contagion - Soderbergh is always interesting, and what a cast.
    51. Die Hard with a vengenace - actually holds up pretty well, over the top acting, as expected, but still ...
    52. Into The Night - a classic, Jeff and Michelle, and Bowie.
    53. Shanghai Triad - Zhang Yimou, Gong Li, beautiful, of course, but sad.
    54. Blade Runner 2049 - again, and I discovered many new things in it. Even greater that previously.
    55. The Big Short - grows with every viewing
    56. Moulin Rouge! - absolutely fantastic, after all these years. One of the greatest ever ...
    57. Saving Private Ryan - seemed appropriate on June 6. 20 years on, it's still extremely powerful.
    58. Pirates of the Caribbean at world's end - too long, but still has its moments. Keith Richards is a bonus.
    59. Mission Impossible Rouge Nation - silly, but fun
    60. Rolling Stones Havana Moon - like a good wine, these guys get better with age
    61. The Darkest Hour - lives up to the hype
    62. Lou Reed Berlin live - his finest record, live in full
    63. Olympus Has Fallen - pretty decent generic action
    64. Shot! The Psycho-spiritual mantra of rock (Mick Rock doc) - interesting film about an interesting photographer
    65. RED 2 - the first was kinda meh, but this one rocks totally.
    66. Scarface (De Palma and Pacino), plus the doc - absolutely magnificent, a milestone.
    67. Last Action Hero - Wow, way better than I remembered, an Arnold classic that still holds up
    68. Phantom Thread - PTA is always good, stunning cinematography and acting, but I need to think a bit about the story, weird even for PTA, but interesting.
    69. Pret a Porter - unlike most, I find this one of his very best. Magnificent cast, stunning cinematography, interesting plot.
    70. London has fallen - better than the first, and better than I remembered.
    71. David Bowie - Serious Moonlight live + Ricochet (tour doc) - it's hard to believe it's been 35 years, although the clothes (and hair) are a bit cheesy, the music still sounds fresh.
    72. Goodfellas - a classic.
    73. Shape of Water - Wow, just wow!
    74. Lara Croft Cradle of Life - not bad after all these years.
    75. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the desert - an underrated gem that I've always loved, feels right in anticipation of the new Mamma Mia movie.
    76. The Handmaiden, Chan-wook Park - totally fantastic, a twisting and turning story just beautifully shot. Amazing!
    77. Mamma Mia, here we go again - first time in a theater this year, and what a theater, a crowdfunded, small, just opened place right in the middle of Stockholm, showing both classics and new stuff, with a bar and a restaurant, and tables by the chairs, so you can bring your drink (and food). And the movie was all I expected, flahsy, joyful, sad, great and totally beautiful in that silly Mamma Mia sort of way.
    78. Gran Torino - I swear, the older I get, the more like Walt Kowalski I get.
    79. Patrick Melrose - 5 part mini series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Totally fantastic, had originally planned to see it in two sittings, but couldn't stop, so I ended up seeing all five hours of it in one.
    80. Predator and Predator 2 - total 80s action party, both still holds up.
    81. Split - wow, that was a return to form, totally unsetting movie, but very good. Can't wait for the inevitable sequel it set up.
    82. Tomb Raider - the Alicia Vikander reboot, much better than expected, some fantastic action, and a good story.
    83. Mission Impossible Fallout - in a theater. Wow, what a ride! Intense even for an MI film, the best one yet.
    84. The Man Who Fell To Earth - first time in a theater since -76, although seen it numerous times at home, absolutely amazing, strange, but still holds up. Bowie is amazing, of course.
    85. Studio 54, the documentary - well made and interesting, but a bit sad at the end, as expected.
    86. The Rock - a classic, still holds up
    87. Jason Bourne - a great close (?) to great series.
    88. The Commuter - generic Liam Neeson action, Non Stop was better, but still watchable.
    89. Die Hard - the original, still good.
    90. A long week of nothing, but today, Cloud Atlas, probably the best movie ever made, every second of it is magical. I could watch it on repeat forever, I wish there was an even longer directors' cut ...
    91. American Made - interesting, and Cruise good as always
    92. Ratatouille - good and entertaining, but not Pixar's strongest. Great animation, obviously, but the ending is kinda meh.
    93. The ninth gate - maybe not his strongest, but still good, well-acted and interesting
    94. Rounders - haven't seen this in ages, but boy does it hold up. Great movie.
    95. Indiana Jones amd thn kingdom of the crystal skull - wel, it's Indy, but still weak ...
    96. Austin Powers, international man of mystery - has its moments, but dated
    97. A sense of an ending - totally magnificient, stays with you, Jim Broadbent is totally fantastic!
    98. Solo - much better than expected, real SW feeling, we both loved it.
    99. The Drop - another great Lehane adaptation, great acting, great atmosphere, not quite Mystic River, but what is?
    100. Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom - I found this much better than the previous one, highly entertaining, but when did Bryce become so butch?
    101. American Psycho - fot the first time, very strange and unfomfortable, but interesting
    102. Mortdecai - Depp again doing strange things, but not as bad as it could have been
    103. Margin Call - I never tire of this, excellent acting and directing, having people starning at screens being interesting is quite a feat.
    104. Collateral Damage - Arnold gets the bad guys, followed by
    105. Pink Floyd - Pulse, disc 2, ie Dark Side Of The Moon live - magnificent
    106. Ocean's 8 - decent for a Friday night, but nothing remarkable.
    107. Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow - hadn't seen this since it came out, 14 years ago, but it was better than I remembered, quite enjoyable. Good chemistry between Gwyneth and Jude.
    108. Filmworker - the documentary about Leon Vitali in a Stockholm theater, followed by an interview and a Q&A with the man himslef, present at the showing. Very interesting, and recommended.
    109. LA Confidential - better than I remembered, although Kim's Oscar was not deserved, there were better actors in this movie, and she has done better things (like 8 Mile)
    110. Fourth Protocol - classic old school spy movie that still holds up
    111. The Sting - another classic
    112. The Lunchbox - beautiful and strange
    113. Mayor of the Sunset Strip - biopic about Rodney Bingenheimer, interesting movie about an interesting person
    114. Mamma Mia, here we go again - even greater the second time, feel-goodest movie of all.
    115. Pulp Fiction - a classic, still great.
    116. Lincoln Lawyer - wish this had been a franchise, it's so great
    117. Michael Clayton - superb
    118. Incredibles 2 - loved it. Saw the Swedish dub, only because my daughter, who works for Disney here in Sweden, was an extra in the dubbing. Will definitely rewatch with proper voices.
    119. Mission Impossible 6 - Fallout - the best one yet, like a good Bond movie, and without the silliness of the earlier ones in the series.
    120. Mary Popping returns - the advantage of a daughter working for Disney Nordic is she gets passes to VIP events, like this. LOVED the movie, Emily Blunt is magnificient, and the rest of the cast, as well as the songs, the sets, everything. Can't wait to see it again.
    121. The Counselor - a great cast, director and writer still manages to make this a mess, although nice-looking.
    122. Tomorrow Never Dies - early Brosnan Bond, with Michelle Yeoh, not bad, but a bit dated.
    123. Maleficent - not bad at all, didn't remember much from when it came out, but a solid movie, Followed by Bowie at Glastonbury - now that was solid
    124. LotR: FotR - still a classic, will see the remaining two in the coming days.
    125. LotR: TTT - also a classic, ready for the last one tonight.
    126. LotR: RotK - the final, it is truly a classic trilogy, 11 hours of movie making magic.
    127. Edge of Tomorrow - yes, it's Groundhog day in space, but with Emily Blunt, and Tom Cruise, and it's relly well done, and enjoyable, even again, as it were ...
    128. The Adjustment Bureau - onwards on our Emily Blunt journey, how this is not widely regarded as a great movie is beyond me, she, as well as Deamon, are great.
    129. The Song Remains The Same - the movie is stupid, but the the music is still great, WOW!
    130. Sicario - great cast, great film. More Emily Blunt.
    131. The Devil wears Prada - great acting here too, and the last of our Emily Blunt movies.
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  3. JeffC

    JeffC Well-Known Member Donor

    May 8, 2007
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    I'm in. I watch quite a few. Here's what I've Redboxed and seen this year:

    1. Jumanji. Welcome to the Jungle - I liked this one. Fun cast and a fun comedy. Two thumbs up.
    2. Brawl in Cell Block 99 - Vince Vaughn is not a smooth fighter. Movie was ok, fight scenes were like old Star Trek fights. Just awkward.
    3. Detroit - Well acted and an interesting story I did not know. I liked it, but some of it was hard to watch.
    4. Mother - I had a hard time figuring out exactly what was going on. Read the Wiki during the movie and it didn't help much.
    5. Brads Status - A look back, where am I at in life kind of movie that really just didn't connect with me.
    6. American Assasin - I'd like to see more of Michael Keaton like this. Good action movie.
    7. Logan Lucky - Fun movie for me. Surprised at the number of A list actors. Good time.
    8. Kidnap - TEDIOUS. I shouldn't have even rented it. Boo.
    9. Flatliners - OK. I like the original better but this one wasn't horrible.
    10. Kingsman: The Golden Circle- I loved the first one and this one was pretty good. These movies know what they are and just get busy being that. Fun action flick.
    11. The Mountain Between Us - Wife picked this one and I thought it would be terrible. Didn't FF the movie and didn't fidget around. Pretty good.
    12. Battle of the Sexes - I love tennis. I watch all the slams. Good cast. Turned this off about 3/4 through. Just boring.
    13. American Made - Like a Narcos that doesn't need subtitles. :D Another fun movie. I wanted to hate on Tom Cruise, but he was good and believable. Sounded good loud.
    14. The Foreigner - Jackie Chan is 63? WTF? Good cast, good story, good action, and a pretty fun. I had a good time watching this one.
    15. The Shape of Water - Wanted to love this one. Fantastic looking movie. Great set design. Not a lot of character development and I didn't love the story. I'm glad I saw it. I'd probably watch it again just to see it.
    16. The Snowman - Wanted to be 'The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo'. It wasn't. Convoluted plot, characters you don't care about. The location looked great. That was the only good thing imho.
    17. Cook off - Everyone wants to be 'Best in Show'. Cook off is not 'Best in Show'. Cook off is not good.
    18. I, Tonya - A fun watch especially if you knew the story. I was 24 in '94 so it was in my wheelhouse. My wife thought it was a made for TV movie. The soundtrack alone lets you know it's better than that. I liked it. But, it did seem like Margot Robbie wanted to make this movie and just made it. I don't know if that's how it went, but it wouldn't shock me. Allison Janney was great.
    19. Home Again - Redbox watch. Reese Witherspoon is cute. That's really all this one has to offer. No great anything but just limps along. Pass.
    20. Geostorm - A little preachy for me but not overly so. Scientifically unbelievable but an interesting premise and a pretty decent brainless flick.
    21. Last Flag Flying - Steve Carell was great in this. Not a lot of great things about this one, but I laughed hard and cried a bit and to me that's always a good movie experience. But, I'm a Marine veteran and this is a story about Marine veterans so it might just be me.
    22. Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri - I enjoyed this one. Frances McDormand's character had some soft moments, but mostly she just seemed like a asshole. I guess losing your kid my do that to you. Accurate portrayal of small town life in the midwest for sure. My favorite part was when "Lester" from The Wire (Clarke Peters) showed up to be the new sheriff. I love that guy. Pretty good movie. Go see it.
    23. Ready Player One - Didn't read the book, but the movie was OK. I'd probably rewatch just to catch all the characters I'm sure I missed.
    24. Blockers! - I loved this one. Stupid, vulgar and a good time was had by all. Man, John Cena is funny.
    25. The Darkest Hour - Fantastic. Great sets, great wardrobe, fantastic acting. See it. It's great.
    26. The Clapper - Silly Ed Holmes movie. Hadn't seen much on this and it wasn't that great. Mindless movie.
    27. Daddy's Home 2 - A good silly movie. Fun watch.
    28. Coco - Beautiful to watch and good music. Another Disney Pixar classic.
    29. Molly's Game - Way better than I thought it would be. Looked great, good pace and a good story. Really liked this one.
    30. All the Money in the World - Kidnap/ransom movie. Based on the book. Some big names in it, but not a great movie.
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  4. Steve Wright

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    Jul 17, 2007
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    I'll throw some in here since I seem to be catching up on more movies than expected.

    1. Blade Runner 2049- Great visuals. Battlestar Galactica did it better. Stick with the original.
    2. Logan Lucky - The redneck Ocean's 11. Most enjoyable film I've seen all year.
    3. John Wick 2 - "Whoa".
    4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Much better movie than the fanbois are giving it credit for. -Knocking down a peg as it did not hold up on second viewing.
    5. It - Not the scariest movie ever but a great "80's" film. Stand By Me with an actual monster.
    6. Thor: Ragnarock - It rocks. Watch and learn DC.
    7. Alien/Aliens - Yes I let my kid watch it. And we named the dog Ripley. Say no more.
    8. Baby Driver - Wanted to like it more but still enjoyable.
    9. Sicario - Why did I wait this long? Great!
    10. Dunkirk - Masterfully made but did not really movie.
    11. Justice League - Not as bad as expected but a lost opportunity for DC playing Marvel catchup.
    12. War For The Planet Of The Apes - Blown away! Not the movie the trailers sold and that's a good thing. This one was special.
    13. The Shape Of Water - For me, a total letdown! Best Picture...Really?
    14. Jumanji - Welcome To The Jungle - Great fun and elevated by its terrific cast.
    15. Coco - Best Pixar film in years. Will watch again for sure.
    16. Annihilation - I enjoy slow sci-fi but I need to be engaged. Didn't care for the characters or where this was going. It was fine but will probably never revisit.
    17. I, Tonya - If it didn’t really happen this would be the best Soderbergh movie not directed by Steven Soderbergh. Surpassed the hype.
    18. Black Panther - Solid if not memorable.
    19. The Terminator - Forgot how well made this was and groundbreaking for it's time.
    20. Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Wow! James Cameron with a budget. Saw it countless times but this last viewing in HDR really brought it home. An action classic!
    21. Super Troopers 2: I laughed a what..can’t really remember.
    22. Event Horizon: For some reason I never caught this back in the day. Great visuals and mood. Should have been better.
    23. Deadpool 2: Not even close to the first. Humor felt forced, poor villain, rehashed too many elements of first film. Disappointed.
    24. The Matrix (4k, DV) - Whoa..
    25. Solo: A Star Wars Story - There is good Star Wars and there is Holiday Special Star Wars...This is barely better than Holiday Special Star Wars...God awful!
    26. Ready Player One - Wow! Really enjoyed this one much more than anticipated. Didn't feel like a Spielberg movie. Now I have to read the book and the movie will be horrible. LOL
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  5. Jay Brown

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    May 22, 2007
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    1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men have no tales - Better than the last one, but rewatch factor is greatly diminished.
    2. Jungle Book - fell asleep the first time I watched this because I was doped up on Medication, this time around, WOW, I missed a lot, very enjoyable!!
    3. The Town - The type of film that you can catch from the beginning, the middle, or the end, and still get glued to the screen
    4. Black Panther - Thoroughly enjoyed this, and to see some of the kids at work wearing the T-Shirts, very inspiring.
    5. Atomic Blonde - I was bored watching this
    6. Better off Dead - Jr High Guilty Pleasure, rewatchable for decades!!
    7. Blade Runner 2049 - Obsessed with this film
    8. Blade Runner (The Final Cut) - alright alright I get it now!!!
    9. Dunkirk - I was confused at first, but the visuals are stunning!!
    10. War For the Planet of the Apes - they are real!!!!!
    11. Batman Begins - Hated the editing of the fight scenes, but always a treat to watch.
    12. The Breakfast Club - Jr. High Guilty Pleasure part deux, one of those movies where you know almost every line
    13. No Country for Old Men - Still gives me the creeps
    14. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - I always gravitate to this film in the series.
    15. Nausicaa of the Valley of The Wind - My favorite Studio Gibli film. I always enjoyed "The Warriors of the Wind" which used to air on HBO back in the 80s, but could not believe how much was cut out of the film.
    16. Midnight Run - minus the Danny Elfman score, this is one of those films I never get tired of
    17. Logan - Tragic all around, but what a story!!!
    18. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - Visually stunning, but not enough to keep me glued to my seat. I recall going back and forth to the kitchen for alot of Pasta.
    19. Solo A Star Wars Story - Despite all the barrage of negativity, I did enjoy watching this film, and sets up a few more interesting stories.
    Coda - Blade Runner 2049 (in black and white). I was reading comments over at and someone suggested watching this film in Black and White, HOLY Roger Deakins Batman!!!!!!!
    20.The Matrix - I was having some network issues and used this movie to test things out. Well I watched the entire film and enjoyed it as usual.
    21. Justice League - Film wasn't that bad, I'm simply suffering from Christian Nolan Super Hero Realism Syndrome regarding The Dark Knight Trilogy. For me, there just wasn't enough substance in the film, and the villain was just unrealistic and kinda silly.

    22. Coco - very entertaining and rather educational for me. Beautiful animation and sound.
    23. Iron Man (1st one) - I've been converting my NAS shares from SMB to NFS, and I always use Iron Man and The Dark Knight to test network performance because they are VC-1 files.
    I've always enjoyed Captain America: Civil War, and when Stark began to speak about not saying goodbye to his father, it made this scene much more intense, considering what we know now. This movie really started it all regarding the MCU and it holds up IMO. I still consider it to be one of the best Super Hero Movies to date.
    24. Iron Man 2 - I watched this last week while stuck on the couch with a bad back. I still enjoy the Rhodes/War Machine fly by after he takes the suit away from Stark. I tend to increase the volume during this scene. Not as great as the first Iron Man but still very entertaining.
    25. Solo: A Star Wars Story - Watched this at home On Demand. An enjoyable film. Quite surprised this time around regarding Donald Glover's portrayal of Lando Calrissian.
    26. Kill Bill vol.1 - I watched this yesterday while monitoring Hurricane Michael. I haven't watched this movie in a while and forgot how much of a kick I got out of watching it.
    27. My Neighbor Totoro - I haven't watched this in a while as well. Some one posted a meme on Twitter stating that Studio Gibli films are nothing more than your dreams being portrayed on film. I tend to believe this.
    28. Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind - Again, and again, I simply enjoy this movie. Still my favorite Studio Gibli film.
    29. Alien - my annual Halloween viewing of the film. One of my favorite films period.
    30. John Wick - Just a good ole action packed thriller, nothing more, nothing less.
    31. John Wick 2 - the dialogue (lol) suffers but the action is still excellent.
    32. Avengers Infinity Wars - finally sat down and watched this entertaining film. For months I've tried to avoid spoilers, and while somewhat successful at that obstacle, I still walked away in shock, especially with regards to the ending.
    33. The Incredibles 2 - - Because the first Incridibles film is my favorite Pixar Movie, I was highly anticipating this movie, but was left a bit underwhelmed. Still a good movie but Dash really got on my nerves this time around.
    34. ROMA - Available on Netflix, about the trials and tribulations of a young mexican woman working for a white middle-class family in Mexico City. Shot in Black and White and highly stylized with slow panning shots, and portraiture type imagery, this movie received a lot of nominations and has a very high Rotten Tomato rating. I like a slow-paced film from time to time and because of the fact that this was filmed in spanish, subtitles are included. This also means multiple viewings for me, as for me, this was a very interesting film to watch.
    35. Coda - Solo, A Star Wars Story - released on Netflix, I watched it again, and like Frasier Crane said on Cheers, " A night with me would be, Jolly good Fun!!" The potential of multiple stories coming from the aftermath of this film could justify their filming, even though this particular story was not needed.
    36. Mission Impossible - For a moment, I actually thought I was watching a 007 Film. I was quite entertained and you can really see that these films know when to take things seriously and now. Tome Cruise and the gang back in rare form with a very entertaining ride from beginning to end!!
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  6. Jack

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    Been sitting home after back surgery so I have been watching a ton of movies, new and old. I hope I can keep committed to adding here.

    1. Logan Lucky - Wonderful movie, starts slow but rewarding in the end.
    2. 3 Billboards - I am so torn on this, its wonderful but for me in some ways agonizing to watch. Everything Matters.....
    3. Star Wars The Last Jedi - Loved it, seemed softer and more engaging than the last one.
    4. Blade Runner 2049 - An almost perfect movie.
    5. Jumangi - Meh, was kind of fun and a rental for sure.
    6. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - I liked it a good deal, what an imaginative movie. Did not like the actors much but sound and vision helped.
    7. Dunkirk - Wow just Wow, everyone needs to see this.
    8. Brads Status - Goood movie that many parents should view
    9. Kong - Not brilliant but enjoyable.
    10. The Mummy - Not very good at all. Not as bad as the new Transformers movie but biting that edge.
    11. The Wall, live in France - I also love Music discs and this new version of the Wall from Roger is the cats ass and a must see for anyone that likes this album.
    12. I have a weakness for fun action movies and pulled out a copy of The Rundown. What an excellent movie !! The pairing of Stiffler and the Rock was brilliant not to mention the awesome choice of Walken as the bad guy...They Took My Tooth and I want it back
    13. Thor-Ragnarok - What a good movie, lots of inside jokes.
    14. All the money in the world, ok, but not Ridleys best
    15. The Meg - I liked it, kinda fun
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  7. Chris Smith

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    So I don't have my log back to the first of the year, but I do have it back to the beginning of Februrary. Also I tend to rewatch movies from the late 90s and early 2000s a lot, so most of these are not new viewings: Also not including TV because this list would be WAY too long if I tried.

    1. The Martian - Great. Book is better, but loved the movie
    2. Invincible - I'm an Eagles fan, so I watched this the morning of the Superbowl because I couldn't wait for the game to start.
    3. Guardians of the Galaxy - One of my favorite of the Marvel movies
    4. Almost Famous - I like the "Untitled" cut better so that's the one I watched
    5. Waiting ... - Stupid mid 2000s comedy with Ryan Reynolds. Toilet humor, etc. My type of comedy.
    6. Accepted - See above
    7. Chasing Amy - Wouldn't hold up great if it was a first viewing today, but was a pretty important film for me when I was in high school when I first saw it
    8. The Day After Tomorrow - I wanted to watch a disaster movie and it was the first one that came up. It's not good
    9. Demolition Man - this might be my wife's favorite movie. The original with Snipes and Stallone. Haven't seen the remake yet.
    10. Office Space - this movie is almost 20 years old and it shows some age here and there but office politics haven't changed much
    11. Star Trek (2009) - LENS FLARE
    12. Star Trek - The Motion Picture - I forgot how slow this movie is
    13. RED 2 - I liked the first one better
    14. Clerks - After Smith's heart attack I decided to rewatch most of his his movies (except Chasing Amy which I watched a few weeks earlier)
    15. Mallrats - see above. Critically underrated
    16. The Boat that Rocked (aka Pirate Radio depending on the cut.) Wanted to like this more than I did. Music was awesome
    17. Dogma
    18. Raider of the Lost Ark - still great
    19. Daddy's Home 2 - First one was pretty fun. This one was okay at best
    20. The Dark Crystal - Watched with my kids. They thought it was boring at first but got really into it by the end
    21. Good Will Hunting - My wife and I went on our first date to this movie. Love it.
    22. Dazed and Confused - Wasn't alive in the 70s but it seems to capture the period great. I like this movie a lot
    23. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - So a sequel is coming. That might be interesting
    24. Moneyball - Hadn't seen it before but really enjoyed it
    25. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - I can't believe I watched this movie as much as I did when I was younger. My kids would be freaked out by it.
    26. Clerks II - I wish he would've been able to make Clerks III, I really like these characters. "There's only one trilogy, and it ain't of the Ring, it's of the Jedi"
    27. Horrible Bosses - First time watching. I liked it more than my wife, she wanted laugh out loud funny and it's more Very Bad Things funny.
    28. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - This might be blasphemous but I like this better than Raiders of the Lost Ark
    29. Source Code - Okay movie for most of it, ending sucked
    30. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Look, this is not a great movie, but it's not as bad as you remember. Also my buddy retconned that he could survive the whole fridge incident because he's still drunk on the Holy Grail liquid which makes that work better for me. But if you think some of the scenes are ridiculous, you need to go rewatch the original 3 and remind yourself that they were always ridiculous.
    31. Spider-Man (2002) One of the few times it didn't bother me that there was another origin story because it was still newish and 6 or so years before the beginning of the MCU which changed how comic book movies were made.
    32. Spider-Man 2 - Better than I remembered but lots of zoom in on women screaming which sort of took me out of the movie
    33. Jumanji (1995) - Watched with my kids. We all enjoyed it
    34. Spider-Man 3 - As bad as I remembered. Maybe even worse. It's amazing that it's over two hours long and still this disjointed.
    35. Pitch Perfect 3 - I like these girls and had hopes this movie wouldn't suck. It did. Rewatch the first one if you want to see them.
    36. National Treasure - Wanted to watch an action/adventure movie with my kids that wouldn't be too scary. Fit the bill.
    37. Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle - Kids loved this movie, and wife and I found it entertaining.
    38. Uncle Buck - Forgot how little Caulkin is in this movie
    39. The Amazing Spider Man - Hey, Uncle Ben dies again
    40. The Internship - I couldn't tell if it was an ad for Google or a hit piece on Google
    41. The Amazing Spider Man 2 - this was crap
    42. Black Panther - YES
    43. Spider-Man: Homecoming - What all spider man movies should be
    44. Solo - I liked it
    45. Incredibles 2 - More of this, please
    46. Dumb and Dumber To - wow, worse than I could have imagined
    47. The Last Stand - Better than I hoped (but not great)
    48. Mr Troop Mom - terrible but the kids liked it
    49. Freaky Friday (2003) - Another Friday movie with the kids and everyone enjoyed it.
    50. The Joneses - I knew nothing about this movie and really enjoyed watching it
    51. Year One - This was not good. Didn't expect it to be but was worse than I thought it was going to be.
    52. Gone Baby Gone - really good but depressing. Can't see myself watching it again even though I liked it.
    53. Ready Player One - missed this one in my initial list. Liked it, didn't love it, book was better
    54. Star Trek Beyond - It was fine
    55. Necessary Roughness - Around the start of football seasons I watch a few movies every year. This is one of them
    56. Invincible - Yep, watched it again, watched it before the superbowl (#2 above) and again before the first game of the year.
    57. Point Break (2015) - THIS WAS BAD. The people who made this should be ashamed
    58. Point Break (1991) - Classic. had to watch after the remake to get the taste out of our mouths
    59. The Natural - Daughter LOVES sports movies, baseball movies in particular. This is a good one
    60. A Bad Moms Christmas - Not very good. Wife loved the first one, so we gave it a shot
    61. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell - I like bad gross-out raunchy type comedies. This one was bad even for the genre.
    62. Freaky Friday (2003) - Another family movie. Remember when Lohan wasn't complete coked out?
    63. School of Rock - Both my kids enjoyed this one
    64. Neighbors - Fun movie
    65. Operation: Endgame - Look at the cast list and you'd assume a comedy. Not really funny, but I've seen worse movies
    66. Looper - First time seeing it and I enjoyed it very much
    67. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets - Another watch with the kids and another one that everyone was happy at the end
    68. Rudy - More fall football rewatches
    69. The Program - see above
    70. Any Gvien Sunday - Again, see above
    71. Avengers: Infinity War - Really good, will be interested to see where they move the plot now
    72. My Big Fat Greek Wedding - wife wanted to rewatch it. It's still funny
    73. Unknown (2011) - I knew nothing about this movie before watching. It was fine
    74. Super Troopers 2 - Not as funny as the original, but I still laughed
    75. Deadpool 2 - Pretty fun
    76. Hocus Pocus (1993) - A fun watch with the kids even if it's not a great movie
    77. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - I was bored. I liked the first Pratt version, but this one didn't do it for me
    78. Aliens Ate my Homework - Another watch with the kids. It was pretty terrible
    79. The Grinch (2018) - It was fine. Another telling of the same story. I liked the dog.
    80. Skyscraper - stupid but fun. Good with alcohol
    81. Ocean’s Eight - Not bad. Not as good as 11 better than 12, bout the same as 13 IMO
    82. The Rookie (2002) - Never saw this before but enjoyed it thouroughly. So did my daughter.
    83. The Meg - Stupid. Took itself too seriously. Was trying to be Jaws but wasn’t much better than Sharknado
    84. The Spy who Dumped Me - It was fun, not great
    85. Everybody Wants Some!! - Linklater doing his day (in this case 3 days) in the life a-la Slacker and Dazed and Confused. I enjoyed it
    86. Boyhood - I see both why people loved and loathed this movie. Put me in the loved it camp.
    87. This is 40 - A little depressing, but sometimes funny
    88. Tombstone - I had never seen this, it was excellent
    89. Meatballs - Fun little camp comedy
    90. Animal House - A very fun college comedy (duh)
    91. Wreck it Ralph 2 - Fun! Not quite as good as the first one, but worth a watch
    92. Elf - Usually watch this one while decorating the tree. Always fun!
    93. xXx - The original one. Don't be a dick, Dick.
    94. Smallfoot - I heard it was really bad, it wasn't as bad as I was told. Sort of an interesting little bit about always following the teachings of your elders
    95. Going the Distance - Never saw this fun little R rated Rom Com before. Didn't hate it
    96. Post Grad - Finished rewatching Gilmore Girls a few weeks ago so tried out one of Bidel's other movies. It's not good. Not good ata ll
    97. Home Alone - Spent Christmas Eve cooking and watching Home Alone
    98. home Alone 2 - And Home Alone 2
    99. Meatballs II - Wow, what a turd
    100. The House with a Clock in Its Walls - Another fun movie to watch with the kids. Jack Black doing his Jack Black thing
    101. Night School - Wished it was funnier than it was, but not terrible
    102. xXx: State of the Union - Vin Diesel is more fun as a leading man than Ice Cube is
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  8. Jay Brown

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    May 22, 2007
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    1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men have no tales - Better than the last one, but rewatch factor is greatly diminished.
    2. Jungle Book - fell asleep the first time I watched this because I was doped up on Medication, this time around, WOW, I missed a lot, very enjoyable!!
    3. The Town - The type of film that you can catch from the beginning, the middle, or the end, and still get glued to the screen
    4. Black Panther - Thoroughly enjoyed this, and to see some of the kids at work wearing the T-Shirts, very inspiring.
    5. Atomic Blonde - I was bored watching this
    6. Better off Dead - Jr High Guilty Pleasure, rewatchable for decades!!
    7. Blade Runner 2049 - Obsessed with this film
    8. Blade Runner (The Final Cut) - alright alright I get it now!!!
    9. Dunkirk - I was confused at first, but the visuals are stunning!!
    10. War For the Planet of the Apes - they are real!!!!!
    11. Batman Begins - Hated the editing of the fight scenes, but always a treat to watch.
    12. The Breakfast Club - Jr. High Guilty Pleasure part deux, one of those movies where you know almost every line
    13. No Country for Old Men - Still gives me the creeps
    14. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - I always gravitate to this film in the series.
    15. Nausicaa of the Valley of The Wind - My favorite Studio Gibli film. I always enjoyed "The Warriors of the Wind" which used to air on HBO back in the 80s, but could not believe how much was cut out of the film.
    16. Midnight Run - minus the Danny Elfman score, this is one of those films I never get tired of
    17. Logan - Tragic all around, but what a story!!!
    18. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - Visually stunning, but not enough to keep me glued to my seat. I recall going back and forth to the kitchen for alot of Pasta.
    19. Solo A Star Wars Story - Despite all the barrage of negativity, I did enjoy watching this film, and sets up a few more interesting stories.
    Coda - Blade Runner 2049 (in black and white). I was reading comments over at and someone suggested watching this film in Black and White, HOLY Roger Deakins Batman!!!!!!!
    20.The Matrix - I was having some network issues and used this movie to test things out. Well I watched the entire film and enjoyed it as usual.
    21. Justice League - Film wasn't that bad, I'm simply suffering from Christian Nolan Super Hero Realism Syndrome regarding The Dark Knight Trilogy. For me, there just wasn't enough substance in the film, and the villain was just unrealistic and kinda silly.

    22. Coco - very entertaining and rather educational for me. Beautiful animation and sound
    23. Dune (1984) - This story is tempting me to listen to the Audio Book for the third time. My Youtube feed is filled with Documentaries and Commentaries regarding the entire series of Books.
    25. I Am Legend - Yeah the special affects of the "Zombies" are suspect, but I still enjoy watching this from time to time.
    26. Thor Ragnarok - I not a big fan of the firs two films, but this one is quite enjoyable.
    27. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - I found this to be as entertaining as Thor Ragnarok. Very engaging with not a lot of slow spots.
    28. Titan (Netflix) - This movie was just bad and I hate seeing actors getting reduced from Block Busters to low-rate films trying to be Block Busters.
    29. Mary and the Witch's Flower - Studio Gibli/GKids animated film. I'll have to give this one another watch, but it gets as trippy as "Spirited Away", so put away the bongs, pipes, pills, etc etc etc.
    30. Ready Player One - Not as faithful to the Book, but the adaptation IMO is great. The first sequence is non-stop action, and gave my Surrounds and Sub a great workout. As a result of condensing the story into a 2 hour film, the story suffers and some of the events become simply unbelievable. But still, all in all, a great film to watch.
    31. The Hunt for Red October - just a random browse through Amazon Instant. While the Jack Ryan series is still fresh in my mind, loading this one up never disappoints. I'm more curious about the Jack Ryan novels and his travels now.
    32. Glory - for the longest time I thought I updated to the Blu Ray version and never did. Watched it over the weekend. This time around I focused a lot of the James Horner Score. Such a powerful score it is.
    33. Excalibur - found this on Amazon Prime and watched it. I recall my English teacher showing this when I was in high school and she edited out "that scene". It was a nice edit might i add. Very memorable for me. Yea the movie is as cheesy as it gets, but for its time, this movie had a very dark portrayal of the "knights in armor" view which took many by surprised. My English teacher stressed this view and had us focus on the look of the armor and helmets. Non-traditional to say the least when viewing other films of the same genre.
    34. Bird Box - This is the Netflix phenomena that's been going around for a couple of weeks now. I purchased the audiobook to listen to on my computes back and forth to work. Overall it's a nice story, predictable at times, but may get a repeat viewing out of me since the film is being dissected all over the web.
    35. Bumblebee - The Transformers movie we should have been given back in 2007. Light-hearted, with the typical "boy and his robot" theme. No cringe-worthy dialog, T&A, metal blurrfest we all witnessed with the last couple of Bay Films. Definitely worth a repeat viewing and I will pick up the UHD when its released.
    Roma - another feature film on Netflix. Simple film with simple wide shots, not a lot of camera movement. Dialogue is in Spanish with subtitles. It's a film that I will approach similar to "City of God" due to the need to read the subtitles and understand what it going on throughout the film, however the visuals themselves aid in understanding the overall theme.
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    ** Updated 41-. FYI the way I do this is to copy my entire prior post and then create a new reply with that, plus the new stuff, then delete my original post. **

    1. Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Watched the whole series. Absolute mayhem. Sure after a while it's just one goddamn thing after another. But it's so over the top it fun the whole way. I loved it.
    2. Godless. Excellent. All around, just excellent.
    3. Sherlock. Watched several episodes. Really like it a lot. Love Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch.
    4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Yup, me too. Liked it a lot.
    5. The Imitation Game. Not the first time. I think this movie is rewatchable. Keira Knightley is the weakest link from my perspective.
    6. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Kids roped me into this. In the words of Charles Barkley, it's "turrbl".
    7. Leap! Kids liked it a lot. I didn't hate it, which is saying a lot given it's a musical about ballet, and I despise both.
    8. Altered Carbon: Season 1. Took a while to get rolling but I was invested by the end. Looks like it's lined up for Season 2...
    9. Ozark: Season 1. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. Maybe my expectations were too high based on the buzz. But I found this lackluster.
    10. Narcos: Season 3. Good, but it's really hard to match the story of Pablo Escobar. Looks like they are headed to Mexico next season.
    11. Rogue One. Again. Liked it, again.
    12. Collateral. Not the Tom Cruise/Michael Mann one. The short series on Netflix. Did not enjoy the first episode and it looks like I won't finish it.
    13. Wind River. On Netflix, think it's a couple years old. Liked it a lot, sort of a slow burn, but not in the tedious way of Tarantino, nor the zzzzzz way of Eastwood.
    14. 47 Meters Down. Do not watch.
    15. Jurassic Park. The original! I wanted the kids to see it, though they are 8 and 10 and that's a questionable parenting decision. They were terrified, but like in a good way, and said so: "This is terrifying!". Especially by the T-Rex attack on the trucks. It was great. Also I remember when I first saw this movie and the look on my face when seeing the first live dinosaur on the island was basically the same as Sam Neill's. At the time, it was absolutely unbelievable. I loved reliving it.
    16. Black Mirror. Most recent season. I know San Junipero, and Hang The DJ is no San Junipero. Still, it was pretty good. The only episode I simply didn't enjoy was the dog one.
    17. Doctor Strange. Not certain I liked this movie, despite all the high ratings and Netflix saying it was a good match for me. Just found it overly talky at point. And what really was the point of making all the buildings move and stuff, when the bad guy could just run over and grab Strange by the neck, which he eventually did after we wasted 5 minutes running around in nonsense. The only bit I really liked was the time loop.
    18. Cargo. I love Martin Freeman. Still, in this movie he mostly played Martin Freeman. Good movie but for me it was hard to watch...I don't like watching kids in peril.
    19. Valerian and the Stuff and Stuff. I like Luc Besson's style. Did not have a big issue with the protagonists in this one, despite complaints in reviews.
    20. Evil Genius (Netflix). About the murder/robbery where the guy had a bomb strapped to his neck, which eventually went off and killed him. Tangled web of some very cruel people here. Good series though, very interesting.
    21. Thor: Ragnarok. So much fun. My wife even loved it--doesn't hurt to be watching Chris Hemsworth the whole time, that is one handsome dude. I wish they would mix some Amon Amarth into the soundtrack.
    22. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. I have never seen Vol 1, but 2 is available on Netflix so I watched it. Honestly I didn't think it had a plot until about halfway through. And once you have the revelation (I'll not spoil it), the remainder is just a long action sequence to resolve, but it's a very good action sequence.
    23. Tomb Raider. How did they manage to make prime Angelina Jolie, wearing all manner of interesting attire, so unwatchable? Her character has no...character. Just dull, so dull, watching her not react to anything, nor stimulate any interesting conversation.
    24. Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life. OK--fair to ask why I watched this one if I didn't enjoy the first. Well, we were on vacation and the kids liked the first. Which is also a hugely questionable parenting decision since there was some content in the second especially that I wish I hadn't let them watch. But it's done, and thank goodness.
    25. King Kong (Peter Jackson). This movie has its moments. Dramatic, exciting. It was just sooooooooooo loooooooooooong. There were so many times when I find myself saying "ok, cut" and it doesn't happen. Or "ok, how much longer can this scene/chase/sequence go", and on it goes. I think if he cut 30 minutes off of this movie, which seems completely doable, it would not suffer at all. Another questionable parenting decision since this is pretty intense. The older child liked it, the younger got so upset by them capturing Kong that she nearly got sick so I took her away--thank goodness she didn't make it to the end.
    26. Moon. Went back to this multiple times on Netflix and I don't think I can finish it. It's just putting me to sleep. Bet there is some Fight-Club-esque reveal I'm going to miss.
    27. The Informant! I just watched this last night while I was working from home. Pretty funny to watch this guy go. I'm interested in knowing how many of the lies told in the movie are actual lies that this person told, vs. ones made up by writers. It's a short movie. I didn't feel any tension build as the lies piled on, though. So it just felt repetitive.
    28. I Am A Killer (Netflix). Watch 2 1/2 episodes and I removed it from my queue. Just found the style and the stories boring. Yup, bad people.
    29. Wonder Woman (2017). Fucking fantastic. Amazing character, exciting to watch, had me short of breath during the scene from the trenches. Gal Gadot was incredible. I loved it.
    30. Ready Player One. I really wanted to love this movie but I didn't. Great action sequences. Fun to see. But I didn't think it captured the essence of the 80's vibe in the book at all despite all, mostly because split-second cameos in the movie I think make that hard to do.
    31. Mississippi Grind. I am not sure what possessed me to watch this. It was...middling. Didn't entertain me that much but didn't cause me to stop the movie either.
    32. Extinction (Netflix). Interesting premise. I like Michael Pena just fine but didn't think he was the best lead for this. Apparently he's in tight with Netflix, since he's also in Narcos: Mexico. Nothing wrong with that.
    33. Ozark: Season 2 (Netflix). I wanted to like this more than I did. Hm...funny, I remember writing this same thing for Season 1. Not sure I will watch S3.
    34. The Night Comes For Us (Netflix). From the makers of The Raid: Redemption. Does not hit the mark like The Raid did. But it was exciting and bloody.
    35. A Wrinkle In Time. Man...this seems like something so up my alley. Time travel, tesseracts, the universe, all of it. And it was so...not up my alley. First I can't stand Mindy Kaling. She is capable of playing a single character--Mindy Kaling. That wasn't the worst of it though. It just got mired in each set piece for too long, whereas each on was not worth the time spent. all ends with, the most powerful force of darkness IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING UNIVERSE can pretty much be defeated by some sentimental brother/sister love and hugs? Just dumb.
    36. Black Panther. Really great. I loved it.
    37. The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix). Ho. Lee. Fook. This was soooo good for soooo much of it. Just endless weight of dread, and fear, and foreboding. Really loved how we follow the family through their lives, all of which were profoundly changed by their short stay in Hill House. The Bent-Neck Lady!!! I watched all of this by myself in my [now] pitch-dark media room and I can't tell you how many times I got the chills, or squeezed a pillow to keep me safe, or yelled "aaah! fuck me!" out loud from fear. For 9 episodes it is engrossing, and tragic, and yes, scary. The finale felt like a letdown, but it was still good. Highly recommended.
    38. Narcos: Mexico (Netflix). Feels like this may have run its course. Escobar and the Cali cartel are so much more interesting than Gallardo.
    39. The Final Table (Netflix). As a fan of Iron Chef I've seen some shows try to be Iron Chef, including the most recent incarnations of Iron Chef like Gauntlet, which I did not like at all and felt like a cheap knock-off of its namesake. The Final Table was terrific. Loved the pairings of chefs, until the end when they compete against each other. You can tell the talent level here and the reputations of these chefs--the competitors and judges--is incredibly high. Highly recommended.
    40. Journey To The Center of The Earth. You know, for kids.
    41. The Raid: Redemption. Now available for streaming on Netflix. Still awesome.
    42. Apostle. Also directed by Gareth Evans (The Raid), so you may be inclined to watch it. Resist the urge. See my review here.
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