The Squanch (a Rick and Morty podcast from Wisecrack)

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    Wisecrack is a YouTube channel that does some pretty deep dives into the themes of movies and TV shows. The company has recently moved into podcasts and I really enjoy The Squanch and Show Me the Meaning (I've started a separate thread on that show).

    The Squanch is a relatively new podcast as well. There are around ~20 episodes. They started the podcast up while S3 was in flight so they started recapping S3 episodes as they aired and then when S3 ended, went back through each co-hosts all-time favorite episodes and are now catching up.

    I think they do a great job with the content. Rick and Morty is primed for pitfalls into pretentiousness and coming off like an edgelord and I think they do a great job avoiding that.

    Wisecrack's THE SQUANCH: A Rick & Morty Podcast by Wisecrack on Apple Podcasts

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