Where's the strong preference for analog video?

Discussion in 'Home Theater and Stereo' started by CJ, May 15, 2007.

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    I guess I am old fashioned, but I don't mind at all having to tinker with my gear in order to get the best sound and image. And, after concentrating on the audio side for so many years, I was suprised to find that the biggest improvement to my HT enjoyment came when I upgraded to my HDTV. So, I consider video and audio as being equally important.

    That said, if I am willing to spend hours tube rolling for a small improvement in audio, why would I mind taking the time to occasionally re-adjust my image settings in order to gain the best possible PQ?

    Sad part is, that as mentioned previously, digital is here to stay, while analog sets have been discontinued... not as a result of it being an advance in image PQ, but moreso as a result of corporate security and profitablily. Digital is supposedly more secure than analog and manufacturers make much, much more on digital HDTVs than they do on non-digital HDTVs due to size and weight considerations in storage and shipping. And, J6P likes digital too because he can hang it on his wall and has imaging which looks like his PC.

    As for improvements in digital, until they get black levels, macroblocking and pixelation fixed and eliminate the fast action blurring, it will be only acceptable as a bedroom or game monitor for me. Once you get used to good analog HDTV, digital looks fake, IMO.

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